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~ "I could listen to Johnny all day long!"
Debbie T. - Kelowna, B.C.

~ "I told Johnny he sounds better than most of the headliners I get in here!"
Doug Roper, Manager - Phoenix Theater, Fort Nelson, B.C.

         I started playing guitar and singing when I was about 11 years old! Played my first live performance when I was 12 years old (grade 7), at Rayleigh Elementary School outside of Kamloops BC where I was raised. I was terrified! Few years later I was playing at different Pubs & Roadhouses throughout B.C. and Alberta!
Still terrified, . . . . but having a riot-ishly good time!!
I played each of these Pubs & Lounges numerous times! I was always invited back and fun was had by all!! I'm sure I had as much fun or more playing for everyone as they did listening, singing and carrying on!! Yeeeeehaw!!
         I'm mostly what you would call an acoustic musician playing Guitar, Piano & Harmonica! I took 3 guitar lessons when I was a kid and then studied piano (grade 3) and studied Music Therory Grade Two (2). I've never played any really, really large venues! I guess I was too proccupied raising my kids to pursue the music seriously! The Phoenix Theater (cap. 350 persons) in Fort Nelson would be the largest that I headlined at! And the "Jam At The Dam" Folk Festival in Hudson's Hope would be the largest overall (approx. 1800 persons)!

         At any rate, these are some of my skills & talents but I'll let the music and my sound speak for itself! I would love to play music for the folks on the cruise ships and whom ever decides to give me that opportunity will NOT be disappointed! I know we can make alot of money together and have a blast doing it!!! Thanks for your time!


  • The Billabong Pub, Sorrento B.C.
  • The Underwood Pub, Chase B.C.
  • Phoenix Theater, Ft. Nelson B.C.
  • Twin Valley Pub, Smithers B.C.
  • Idywild Pub, Houston B.C.
  • The Farrier Pub, 108 Mile, B.C.
  • The Long Branch Saloon, Lac La Hache, B.C.
  • The Best Western Hotel Lounge & Oasis, Kamloops, B.C.
  • The Moby Dick, Prince Rupert, B.C.
  • The Super 8 Hotel Lounge, Ft. Nelson B.C.
  • The Cat N Fiddle Pub, Calgary AB
  • The Lakeview Lounge, Williams Lake, B.C.
  • And many, many House Concerts



And please always remember and don't ever forget, . . ."When In Doubt, Hug!!"