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Drop Cards

“Wanna get a copy of  Johnny’s Debut Album, Rainy River Road without paying for it online??”  Then “DropCards” is the way to do just that!!

          Hey there friend!

So, . . . you’ve purchased one of our Drop Cards and are wondering how to activate it?? . . . Then you’ve come to the right place!

But first, don’t forget if you haven’t got your FREE Downloads you can still get them here!! They’re Free tracks and are different songs then the songs we released on “RAINY RIVER ROAD”.

Backside of DropCard with download code!
Front View!


To receive your digital copy of “RAINY RIVER ROAD” . . . just enter the “Access Code” (Note: The “Access Code” is case-sensitive) found on the backside of that Drop Card you have in your hand . . . follow the prompts . . . and that’s it!!

          If you’re wanting a copy of “RAINY RIVER ROAD” but have issues making purchases On-line . . call me at and we’ll make arrangements for payment on the phone and I’ll give you the code over the phone! (Or email it to ya!! Whatever ya like!!) Easy Schmeasy!


And if you’ve got the time, let me know your thoughts about “Rainy River Road” . . . Including if you’ve got any suggestions of old songs you think Johnny should record . . . ?  For sure and for certain . . . I always dig hearing from you!

Thanks for your support, your cash, and your great taste in music! 🙂
Muchas Gracias!!

Sincerely, Peace Out!