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Not His Son

         Hey there all you lovely prayer warriors out there in Cyberspace!! Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy and Emotionally Balanced and Ethically Properous, Spirit Filled & Blessed New Year!!

         Andrew & I still didn’t get a chance to record any Christmas songs this year but God willing and the truck starts we’ll have a few for next Christmas!
         We did however finish a song we started over 18 months ago! A song that was written with love from that sacred place in our hearts where only the fondest of love lies!! I can’t thank you all enough for the prayers you spoke, whispered and sang for Wyatt but all your prayers were most certainly heard!! And because of all your prayers . . . my best friend’s son Wyatt, is cancer free!! Thank YOU Jesus!! Yeeehawwww!!!

Thank you all from the bottom & top, both sides, front & back of my heart!!

Not His Son (A Prayer For Wyatt)

Johnny D

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