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July 2016

Immature Musicians

Immature Musicians

There’s a cute joke online and if you’re a musician you’ve probably seen it by now, it says, “Mommy when I grow up I wanna be a musician!” Mom replies, “That’s great son but you’ll have to choose one or the other, you can’t do both!” Lol! I love that one! It’s true though! And the reason is . . . because we don’t HAVE TO grow up!! Lolmao!

Here’s my next favorite one . . .

And this just might be because if you could just borrow or download a cup of coffee from “Timmy’s” without paying for it . . . most people would do just that! And that cup of coffee . . .

“The most expensive part of my journey has been those friggin little Diatonic Harmonicas!! Those little bastards use to cost $5.00 when I started playing them, NOW their $65 and change!!” Lol! 🙂

The most expensive part of the process is not the recording costs, and it’s not the cost of harmonicas or strings or microphones or guitars or PA Systems . . . . The most expensive part is the marketing!! Something most musicians AND artists know very little about. However, if you are a musician or artist and you’ve come to same conclusion and need some direction in terms of marketing I humbly suggest you visit John Oszajca’s Music Marketing Manifesto!! It’s a “Gamechanger”!

The truth is. . . . the music business is an exhausting journey down a long & winding road that you mostly travel alone! That is, until such a time that you’re making enough mullah to pay others to lend a hand with the process. That’s where the Marketing comes in!! You can have the greatest widget in the world, but if noone knows you got it you won’t make a dime!

Good Luck on your travels!!